Monday, September 23, 2013

REALITY CHECK: "Justified Submission"

There are only a FEW reasons why I will accept you guys saying YES to a female's SELFISH, INCONSIDERATE and UNREASONABLE expectations and demands. By the way, you ONLY SAY YES to get her to let go and then you GET UP, GET OUT of that situation FOR GOOD and NEVER GO BACK to her.


This DOES APPLY to STUPID ASS MALES that went where THEY KNOW they should have NOT GONE but chose to go there anyway HOPING things would EVENTUALLY BENEFIT THEM.


MANY of you need to be broken BEFORE you listen to me since YOU THINK that YOU KNOW better.

Well after they have BROKEN YOU, gotten what they wanted and DUMPED YOU, come back here and START ALL OVER AGAIN in my RETARD CLASS for not applying my advice.


There is none because this is a FOREVER EVOLVING process.

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