Tuesday, September 17, 2013

They Are Preparing Them For Your Sons So How Are You Preparing Your Sons To Deal With Them

How many of YOU PUSSIES are AFRAID to tell the woman you are seeing OR trying to see about my page EVEN THOUGH what I post is to BENEFIT YOU.

Just because YOU got a good career OR your own business and a little money YOU "may" THINK you are a PLAYER but in REALITY she (your girlfriend or wife) has EMASCULATED YOU and YOU VOLUNTEERED to be HER PUSSY does not mean that YOUR SON or SONS have to be a PUSSY LIKE YOU as well.


This DOES NOT APPLY to BROKE males, males with NO AMBITIONS in life, MAMA'S boys that has NO PLANS on leaving home, ABUSIVE males (i.e., Players, Pretty Boys or Thugs) or CRIMINALS (you won't be out of jail long enough and she will KEEP or the law will SEIZE your possessions).

This DOES APPLY to ANY male (the everyday Joe or the million dollar man) that have GOALS and AMBITIONS to sacrifice, work and ENJOY the fruits of HIS labor WITHOUT surrendering it or getting TRICKED into giving it up to OR sharing it with an UNDESERVING female.

This DOES APPLY to males who DO NOT have sons or do not want children as well but STILL DISPLAY that PUSSIFIED mannerism.


MOST young girls are being MENTALLY prepared for YOUR SONS to CATER to them, FINANCIALLY help them, PROVIDE for them and SACRIFICE whatever it takes to have her COMPANIONSHIP be it through DIRECT communication or through THE MEDIA.

So many MALES are so PATHETIC as fathers that I won't even refer to them as Fathers because CONCERNED and LOVING Fathers PROTECT their sons as opposed to PREPARE them FOR SACRIFICE, SERVITUDE and EMOTIONAL and/or FINANCIAL SLAUGHTER.


If you have a son or sons, "what are you doing to INCREASE his chances (not her) of a happy, peaceful and successful life?

(Clarity). Successful DOES NOT MEAN having a STRESSFUL, LAZY, DEAD BEAT and FINANCIAL LIABILITY in his life JUST BECAUSE SHE'S CUTE to show that he has a companion. 


I TRULY BELIEVE that I CARE MORE about MANY of your sons future than YOU do. At least I am attempting to provide information for HIS BENEFIT that will ALLOW HIM to MAKE BETTER CHOICES in women.


THERE ARE reasonable, financially responsible and loving women out there ALTHOUGH they are RARE and EXTREMELY HARD to come in contact with. The key is to NOT GET INVOLVED with a WORTHLESS female just to have companionship UNTIL you meet that QUALITY woman because that WORTHLESS female will TRAP YOU or OCCUPY SO MUCH OF YOUR TIME that you WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE when that RARE opportunity (i.e., that QUALITY woman) comes along.

If YOU or YOUR SON(S) end up in a dysfunctional, emotionally and financially devastating relationship, BLAME NO ONE BUT YOURSELF if you choose to IGNORE rather than APPLY these classes.


Class is dismissed.

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