Wednesday, September 25, 2013

REALITY CHECK: "Good Men Finish Last and Stupid Men Don't Even Finish"

I DON'T have to try and FIND YOU. After they are done, YOU WILL come looking for me. 

Welcome to the club.  We know YOU FUCKED UP but so did MANY OF US which is why myself and others are here to enlighten many of you about what many of us have gone through so HOPEFULLY we can MINIMIZE or PREVENT you from making the SAME FOOLISH MISTAKES that we did.

When you do come STRIPPED of your DIGNITY and probably some (if not all) of your FINANCES as well, DON'T hold your head down and BE EMBARRASSED.

the FIRST and YOU WON'T be the last AS LONG AS others like you CONTINUE to IGNORE my classes and FOOLISHLY cater to INCONSIDERATE and WORTHLESS females.

We will be SUPPORTIVE and WELCOME you with OPEN ARMS so SEE YOU WHEN SEE YOU cause there is ALWAYS ROOM in my class.

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  1. this blog might be a little stark but it's helping me definitely through a long pattern and making me laugh hysterically. Thanks for sharing - Jimmy