Friday, September 6, 2013

WASTED TIME: "Attention Ho's and Time Bandits"

This will GREATLY BENEFIT the male yet MANY of them will REFUSE to do. 

There is NO LEGITIMATE REASON that any male should be giving compliments or time to a female that is involved with another male OR is not putting just as much effort towards getting to know him as he is with her.


This DOES APPLY to any male that has a personal interest in a female. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

This DOES APPLY to any female that is already in a relationship OR is not putting forth just a much effort as you are in getting to know you.


I don't know how many hours, days, weeks, etc., that I wasted when I was an UNKNOWING victim of SPOT (see my first Fall class post for the meaning of SPOT).

It is very important for males to STOP giving compliments and INFLATING these females ego's that:

- DO have a man or

- DO NOT have a personal interest in him.


This ONLY THING that you should do for a female that HAS A MAN or IS NOT PERSONALLY INTERESTED IN YOU is be cordial and acknowledge her existence when you see her by saying "hello", "good morning", "good evening", etc. 

ALL PERSONAL compliments or attentions should be avoided.

SAVE those compliments and time for a female that has an interest in you BEYOND just killing time because the guy SHE DESIRES is not giving her the compliments and time that you are giving or want to give her.


It is NOT DISRESPECTFUL to NOT COMPLIMENT a female or REFUSE TO give your time to her.

NO FEMALE that you have a personal interest in DESERVES compliments UNTIL the two of you start dating each other AND she is just as pro-active in that dating process as you are.


Of course not. Yea, I said of course not. I would say that approx. every 7 out of 10 males in my class are going FAIL miserably when it comes to taking the FIELD exams. There are no classroom exams.


Field exams are simply taking my classes and having the BALLS and BACKBONE to APPLY what they have learned in the field (i.e., "Ring of Life").


Because of the following equation which represents 7 out of 10 of them:


For those of you who have not read my previous posts, STUPID BEHAVIOR is "doing something that YOU KNOW you should not be doing yet you do it anyway".

THEY KNOW that they should not be giving compliments or their time to some other man's woman or a woman that has NO PERSONAL INTEREST in them.


There are two exceptions that comes to mind:

1. BUSINESS. If the purpose is getting together for GENUINE business purposes, a lot of time may be require to be spent with her.

2. HOOK YOU UP WITH AN AVAILABLE GIRLFRIEND THAT YOU MAY BE ATTRACTED TO. This is the case where she will need to spend SOME time with you getting to know about YOUR character. Now I stated SOME time and not a lot of time. After a few conversations, she should then (if she intends on doing it at all) arrange for the two of you to get together or for the two of you to exchange numbers. 

Afterwards, she needs to GET HER ASS OUT OF THE WAY and leave the rest to the two of you.


Don't be HESITANT or feel UNCOMFORTABLE about discontinuing communication with a female IF a she has a man OR is not interested in you and CAN'T or REFUSE TO comply with the above exceptions.

THERE ARE WOMEN that don't have a man AND may be interested in you but YOU WILL NEVER KNOW if you continue to WASTE YOUR TIME with SOME OTHER MAN'S woman or a woman that DON'T WANT YOU.

REMEMBER that these classes are to BENEFIT YOU and not some inconsiderate or selfish female so take these lessons with you and APPLY THEM.

Class is dismissed.

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