Friday, September 20, 2013

PACK YOUR (OR HER) BAGS: "Time to Say Goodbye to P.A.M."

Parting ways with a LIABILITY (a worthless female) in your life IS A GOOD THING (for you) and it provides the OPPORTUNITY to REPLACE that LIABILITY with an ASSET (a quality woman) which is a SMART thing to do FOR SELF. 

In today's time when women have the RIGHT and OPPORTUNITY to earn an income and pay for what they want, there is NO NEED for any male to associate himself with a female LIABILITY. 


This DOES APPLY to any female that is CAPABLE of working or doing for herself yet SHE CHOOSES to pass HER RESPONSIBILITIES onto a male that is willing and foolish enough to accept it them.

This DOES NOT APPLY to females that are LOVING and PARTICIPATING partners that minimizes the stress and financial responsibilities in a relationship.


It's time for you males to START saying goodbye to a female that IS CAPABLE OF and NOT carrying her own weight when she is with you. 


P.A.M. A female with that Public Assistance Mentality such that YOU are Joe Public and she expects YOUR ASSISTANCE through your finances or your efforts whenever needed.

LIABILITY. Someone that "takes from you" or "takes from the relationship".

ASSET. Someone that "adds to you" or "adds to the relationship" 


Do you know what happens AFTER you are stressed out and drained of your resources and finances? 


It's simple. She moves on to the NEXT OPPORTUNITY and leave you STRESSED OUT with the FINANCIAL responsibilities that YOU CREATED in order to SUPPORT HER and MAKE HER HAPPY.


EXPECTING a male to do for her that which SHE IS CAPABLE of doing for herself is LAZY, INCONSIDERATE and should not be accepted by any man. I call not allowing that to happen to you APPLYING COMMON SENSE and VALUING YOURSELF in order to GROW and PROGRESS in life.

I don't care if she HAS A JOB or DON'T HAVE A JOB, if she IS CAPABLE of working and earning a living yet expects a man to financially support (or help as they like to say it) her, then SHE is a LIABILITY.


This is one of the EXCUSES that many women will make when it comes to THEM expecting YOU to financially support them or pay their way when they go out with you.


The problem is NOT the lack of money, the problem is HER IMMATURE and IRRESPONSIBLE manner in which she manages her money because SHE EXPECTS YOU to come to her FINANCIAL RESCUE. Here are 3 suggestions that I recommend you give to ANY female that expects you to financially support or help her:

1. SPEND LESS money

2. GET A JOB that makes more money

3. GET TWO JOBS to afford your irresponsible spending habits


It is so amusing to me how so many will take the OPPORTUNITY (when necessary) to toss out that HELPLESS FEMALE CARD (when they need you) and the other times they toss that STRONG, EDUCATED, INTELLIGENT and INDEPENDENT WOMAN CARD in your face (when they don't want you).

Here are 3 suggestions that I recommend you give to ANY female that expects you to be Mr. Fix It on demand:

1. Take the time to learn how to do things yourself

2. If you don't want to take time to learn how to do it, do like any man and PAY someone else to do it for you

3. STOP being MS. COMMUNITY HO and get yourself a man and the two of you TAKE TIME TOGETHER to learn how to FIX THINGS.


1. Why do you think AFTER a relationship/marriage is over that MANY women will go out there and LOSE or TRY TO LOSE WEIGHT (had to toss that one in first) and get A BETTER JOB or even A SECOND JOB when she is alone? 

2. Why can't they SACRIFICE and do something like that when they are WITH YOU to make life better FOR BOTH OF YOU as opposed to DOING LESS and EXPECTING YOU to DO MORE? 


If any woman does those things AFTER (breaking up with you) then SHE NEVER valued you or expected to be with you for any LONG duration of time. 


Hopefully this class has given you something to think about over the weekend.

Are you involved with a P.A.M. female? If so, what are you going to do?

Class is dismissed.

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