Tuesday, January 21, 2014

ASK JAI DUVAL SESSION: "What Would You Do If Your Girl Became Fat"?

I am NOT the politically correct person that CAVES IN to social pressures so without hesitation or a second thought, here is your answer.


This DOES NOT INCLUDE that RARE gland problem that may occur.


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  1. in my case it wasn't a question of "fat" but similar because both dealt with image.....something of which I am acutely as a photographer.

    My first wife as attractive, a professional woman. Her appearance was highly professional and we fit together well as a couple. We were dating at the time.

    Roughly 1 year into a marriage I noticed when at home her appearance and hygiene really began to nose dive. At first I thought it was the stress of her job and let things slide. One night after watching her in dirty sweats worn for a week running and very little hygiene I casually mentioned how nice she looked when we were dating.

    Without even a stutter she looked at me and said, "I look GOOD ENOUGH for you!"

    One week later I moved out! It was like someone slapped me in the face. That was a real wakeup call.

    If you don't like fat, thick, wide, BBW chicks that's cool.....don't date them.....but getting fat is a choice and if it's not yours.....don't waste your time.