Sunday, January 19, 2014

REALITY CHECK: "I'M DELUSIONAL: I've Had It Wrong All Of This Time"

I HAD REALLY BELIEVED that MOST of you guys WANTED BETTER for yourselves and your lives and just NEEDED A DIFFERENT WAY OF THINKING but I was wrong.

MOST of you WILL NEVER amount to more than a FOOLish male wasting his life away in PURSUIT OF PUSSY and won't realize he was a FOOL until he gets older, HIS VALUE will have diminished, HIS SUPPORT (parents) are gone and it will then be TOO LATE.


Are you one of these types of males?


MOST MALES are MENTALLY WEAKER than females and it is PROVEN by their RIDICULOUS behavior in his FUTILE attempt for her attention, sex or companionship WITHOUT EXPECTING or REQUIRING much (if anything) from her.


  1. Yerp. This is true. *waits for the sex*

    Men, math and marriage.  (Youtube)
    Nevercosign at Ok Cupid