Tuesday, January 28, 2014

IT'S NOT THAT COMPLICATED 101: "THE PROTOCOL: How to Properly Date a Black Female"

Dating a black female is quite easy AS LONG AS you follow protocol. There is a certain behavior that she has been RAISED and SOCIALIZED to expect. 

MOST BLACK females will be TOTALLY RESISTANT to change of ANY BEHAVIOR that DOES NOT IMMEDIATELY BENEFIT THEM.  If you don't follow the proper protocol she will IGNORE YOU and move on.


This DOES APPLY to all decent, common, average Joe males out there that have a desire to date black females.

This DOES NOT APPLY to all black females but this DOES APPLY to about 95 percent of them that you will come in contact with that YOU have a personal interest in.  IF I AM WRONG, they will prove it with their CONSISTENT, RESPONSIBLE and UNSELFISH behavior.

This DOES NOT APPLY to JUST BLACK FEMALES but I was asked to post something about dating and ONLY REFERENCE black females.

This ASSUMES that she has SOME SORT of attraction to you (to be determined later) so SHE WILL ALLOW you to take her out on a date.


I don't see what the big fuss is about dating black females. They aren't the problem, YOU ARE. All you have to do is simply COOPERATE and follow the protocol below and she will more than GLADLY go on MULTIPLE dates with you.


EXPECTATIONS. You must EXPECT NOTHING from her but her giving you the opportunity to CATER to her and SPEND YOUR MONEY on her.

ASSUMPTIONS. You must get in your mind that she is a queen and is ENTITLED to SPECIAL TREATMENT. She has been raised and socially conditioned to think that she is a queen even though she:

1) HUSTLES men for money, FREE meals and FREE entertainment, 

2) lives at home, 

3) lives with a roommate, 

4) lives alone in an apartment, 

5) struggles with bills, 

6) got KNOCKED UP and is a single mother, 

7) rides public transportation, 

8) lives on public assistance, 

9) has a job (maybe) or 

10) a combination of these items.

DRESS TO IMPRESS. This is one of the MOST RIDICULOUS things that PRETENTIOUS black people and non-black people who "act like they are black" (another ridiculous phrase) who DON'T HAVE SHIT will expect. This BULLSHIT works so you must dress to impress her.

SMILE. If you have all of your teeth AND they are healthy looking you must smile as much as possible to make her feel comfortable and in control. If your TEETH are MISSING or NOT PERFECT, you better keep it to a SLIGHT GRIN.

CHIVALRY. You must NOT ALLOW her to do anything for herself. You must GO OUT OF YOUR WAY to let her see that you are there to PLEASE HER in every way possible.

DINING. This is the OPTIMUM DATE for her AND the more expensive the better (for her of course). It's in a location that SHE FEELS SAVE.  In a public place with plenty of people, plenty of light and JUST LIKE PIGEONS (that I refer to in my first book) they will NEVER REFUSE a FREE meal IF they feel they have CONTROL over the situation.  It's important that you DO EVERYTHING for her EXCEPT eat her food. 

KISS CONVERSATIONS.  Remember what I've ALWAYS stated about them when it comes to having a conversation which is, "KISS (Keep It Simple n Silly).  AVOID ANYTHING ANALYTICAL (don't want her to think too hard) or may be perceived by her as OFFENSIVE (any negative behavior about them EVEN IF it's TRUTH) so you won't risk your chances of her becoming CONFUSED or UNCOMFORTABLE and ruining the date.

LOOKING FOR YOUR QUEEN. It's very important that you tell her that YOU are looking for YOUR QUEEN. Even though neither of you will NEVER know what the fuck a life of royalty is, go ahead and tell her that NONSENSE anyway.

PHYSICAL CONTACT. You DO NOT TOUCH a queen UNLESS SHE ALLOWS you to do so. That is worldwide BLACK WOMAN protocol. Queens make contact with you WHEN they desire to do so and not the opposite. You are to WAIT until the queen decides to ALLOW you to touch her.

HER BODY. You must NOT (get caught) looking at her body. This is considered rude and especially IF she IS NOT PHYSICALLY ATTRACTED TO YOU, SIMPLY WANT TO be in your company to KILL TIME and get a FREE DATE.

MONEY. ALWAYS PAY THE BILL and never, never ever mention money UNLESS you are talking about the money YOU will spend on her. They tend to get VERY OFFENDED if you mention ANYTHING about them being financially responsible for themselves and PAYING THEIR OWN WAY.

END OF FIRST DATE. The date MUST END at a time that THE QUEEN is comfortable with. Usually, IF you are a good COURT JESTER (i.e, ENTERTAINING enough), about 3 hours max is a good first EVENING date.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO KISS the queen at the end of the date UNLESS she has given you some sort of DIRECT or INDIRECT indication that SHE wants a kiss from you.  You will know it by HER BODY LANGUAGE.

SECOND DATE INVITE. Remember that she BELIEVES that she is a queen so it's important that YOU LOWER your self worth and place more interest in her than she in you and ask her out on second date to keep HER self-esteem ABOVE yours. It is BENEATH a queen to INVITE because of the "Ghetto Hustler's Code" WHOMEVER INVITES PAYS.


If ANY MALE wants to ATTEMPT to prove me wrong, simply DO NOT APPLY the above protocol when dating any black female and see if you get a date or a second date. If you do, consider her to be in that rare 2 PERCENT category and KEEP HER.

If ANY FEMALE wants to ATTEMPT to prove me wrong, simply DO NOT EXPECT or REQUIRE a man to apply THE PROTOCOL to you and let's she what type of ATTITUDE you have afterwards.

Now that I've given you THE PROTOCOL, "Happy Dating". 

FOR THE RECORD:  "I stopped dating and having sex with black females YEARS AGO.  I will be POLITE and SOCIAL but that is it.  I am happy.  I have MORE MONEY to SPEND ON ME.  I have PEACE IN MY LIFE with NO DRAMA and I have NO REGRETS in making my decision.  I ONLY date women that ARE RESPONSIBLE, CONSIDERATE (of me) and PAY THEIR OWN WAY".

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