Sunday, January 5, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "RELATIONSHIPS: Most American Women Are Your Worst Investment"

When it comes to selecting a mate NOWADAYS for a life long relationship, the American Way is definitely the WRONG WAY for the DECENT male and the RIGHT WAY for ANY INCONSIDERATE and SCANDALOUS female.

There are typically 2 states that a male is in when he is in a marital or non-marital relationship with a female that possess that American Bitch-like attitude and behavior:

1.  He is STRESSED (emotionally and financially), DISAPPOINTED and MISERABLE

2.  He is HAPPY because he has been PROGRAMMED to believe that AS LONG AS he has female COMPANIONSHIP (regardless of how DISAPPOINTING it is for him, how LITTLE he is RECEIVING in return or how SELFISH and UNCOOPERATIVE she is towards him) life is SUPPOSED TO BE good.


Males do not have PUT OUT MORE and SETTLE FOR LESS.  American women are not their only options when it comes to companionship.

There are women of OTHER countries and cultures that are raised to LOVE and RESPECT men as opposed to USE and EXPECT from men for doing little to nothing.


One of the BIGGEST MISTAKES you can make once you get that woman from another country and/or culture is to ASSUME that she is IMMUNE from negative influences.

The MAN-USING women WILL ATTEMPT what I call their MENTAL GANG BANGING TACTIC on your woman in their attempts to turn her into one of them if they become friends with her which is why YOU MUST make her aware of the possibility.

DO NOT UNDER ESTIMATE the negative influence THOSE american or american mindset BITCHES have over other women in their SUBTLE or DIRECT attempts to RUIN your relationship.


His happiness and success in a relationship is DIRECTLY related to how much he has been programmed to value himself and his happiness FIRST.

MOST males have been raised, taught and/or socialized that HE HAS please to make a female happy FIRST without any expectations of effort from her BESIDES some occasional PUSSY.

VERY FEW MALES will tell a female that he EXPECTS her to participate FULLY while dating and after they commit to a relationship.


Ask yourself if YOU have stated to a female YOU have had a personal interest to that YOU EXPECT her to FULLY participate while dating and if the two of you decide to commit to a relationship.

Observe HER BEHAVIOR and determine if she is being RESPONSIBLE (paying her own way), CONSIDERATE (being thoughtful of you, your time and your money) and PRO-ACTIVE (calling you, planning activities and initiating contact rather than just sitting on her ass waiting for you to do the work).


This is the first of MANY classes in 2014 that is here for YOUR BENEFIT in a manner that DOES NOT do harm or take advantage of ANY female so do you have THE BALLS to function in a manner that BENEFITS YOUR FIRST?

REMEMBER that these classes are about doing not whining or complaining.

Class is dismissed.

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