Wednesday, January 22, 2014

IT'S NOT THAT COMPLICATED 101: "How to Intelligently Communicate with a Black Female"

This post was shared because of a comment a black female made that I have now questioned which MOST of you males (especially black males) "won't do" or "are afraid to do" because you are SO THIRSTY FOR or SO WEAK FOR POON.

*** WARNING. If you are just looking for POON then DO NOT TRY THIS ***


This DOES APPLY to ANY female but since I was interacting with a black female regarding black people I directed it as such.


Males need to STOP the DUMB DOWN routine so he can HOPEFULLY get some POON, MATURE UP and communicate with females on a more INTELLECTUAL level as opposed to an IMMATURE level.

Learn how to do this and YOU WILL ELIMINATE at least 90% of the WORTHLESS females in your life because MOST of them WILL NOT want to engage in an INTELLECTUAL conversation. Their conversations are PRIMARILY about FEELING YOU OUT and MANIPULATING YOU for their benefit.

Take your time to read and clearly understand the communication below:

[Nzinga La'veq]

Dominant + Dominant = Double dominant. Only a foolish dominant would weaken their genes with a receesive gene.

[Jai Duval Nzinga]

Please define what dominant means to you since you used the word. Secondly, please CLEARLY explain to me how it would apply. Thanks in advance.

[Nzinga La'veq]

Dominant as STRONEGST. And this applies to this post, because for any Dominant gene, to "downplay" to the weaker gene is a downgrade. And seeing that you stated regardless of race, it wouldn't benefit any black male, to breed themselves weaker

[Jai Duval]


When I engage in dialogue (with my people), I attempt to apply intelligence and sensible thinking during it's exchange.

I find that MANY of our people seem to have a PROBLEM with being questioned when they make statements but I WILL ASSUME that YOU ARE NOT one of them and can RESPOND in an INTELLIGENT, CLEAR, MATURE and RATIONAL MANNER as oppose to UNINTELLIGENT, UNCLEAR, IMMATURE and IGNORANT manner.

So applying the above, would you please EXPLAIN to me what do the STRONGEST, since it obviously applies to us black people, actually do (A VERB) as opposed to just being AN ADJECTIVE (a word used to DESCRIBE a noun, pronoun, etc) and if that is the case why is WE THE STRONGEST:

- the least educated,

- economically the poorest,

- do something stupid like twerk,

- has the worst maintained communities,

- is so vulgar and disrespectful around out elderly people,

- has such a large number of FAT people with health issues,

- have the highest incarceration level for the strongest people,

- REFUSE to stop using that degrading and painful (to the elderly) N-WORD

- have such a high level of single mothers with children that have anger management problems,

- has such a large number of single mothers that CHOOSE deadbeat men to ejaculate inside of them,

I want to THANK YOU for your previous response and I am looking forward to your response to this comment.

Have a pleasant day!

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