Friday, January 24, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "STOP Trying to Convince Her or Argue With Her About Being Considerate and Responsible When She Is With You"

All that is needed for this class is in the photo.  The only thing that is left for you to do IF YOU ENCOUNTER a female like this is to LEAVE HER ALONE.


When you meet a woman and BEFORE you decide you want to date her, YOU MUST ask her this question during your FIRST contact:

"Do you think of yourself as a CONSIDERATE and RESPONSIBLE woman"?

This sets the FOUNDATION for labeling (i.e, judging as the idiots and morons say) her BASED SOLELY on COMPARING her behavior to her admittance of being considerate and responsible.

If she states that SHE IS considerate and responsible THEN AND ONLY THEN do you NOW tell her what those words mean from a behavioral perspective.


CONSIDERATE.  Thoughtful of you, your time and your money.

RESPONSIBLE.  Takes care of her own financial expenses and obligations which includes ENTERTAINMENT and DINING when she is with a man.


My classes aren't about whining, complaining or blaming but rather DOING.

If she states SHE IS considerate and responsible BUT does NOT BEHAVE in the BEHAVIORAL definitions described, SHE IS A LIAR and A HUSTLER and should be DUMPED IMMEDIATELY.

If you choose to remain in her company and FOOLISHLY attempt to convince her to RESPECT YOU by being CONSIDERATE (of you) and RESPONSIBLE (for herself), BLAME NO ONE but yourself for what WILL EVENTUALLY BE a disappointing experience.

Class is dismissed.

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