Monday, January 13, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "Speak Only When Spoken To"

Time for males to begin EXPECTING females to acknowledge them when in passing or when they meet (especially for the first time) because THIS SHOWS RESPECT for YOUR PRESENCE (not presents which I'm sure they would have preferred)


This DOES APPLY to all females that you do NOT already know.


FEMALES have RECEIVED SO MUCH for SO LITTLE EFFORT on their parts and that INEQUALITY has to stop.

There is nothing more EFFECTIVE in sending a DIRECT MESSAGE to a female than letting her know SHE WILL BE IGNORED if she does NOT show you some respect by at least acknowledging your presence.


MANY females are IRRITATED, OFFENDED and DEFENSIVE when a male they DON'T KNOW or NOT PHYSICALLY ATTRACTED TO speak to them which I find to be quite IMMATURE and INCONSIDERATE when all she is doing by acknowledging him is BEING CONSIDERATE and POLITE

This is why WE (males) should LET THEM (females) make the first CONSIDERATE move by looking, smiling or speaking to us. After all, they say they want to be around a gentlemen so one of Jai Duval's interpretations of a gentlemen is:

"Ladies First" (since they love hearing that phrase when it benefits them)


You should ONLY compliment a female IF she compliments you first AND she ONLY deserves to receive a compliment IF she has EARNED it. Giving UNEARNED compliments to a female ONLY INFLATES HER EGO and INCREASES her EXPECTATIONS from you and other males afterwards.


PRACTICE not looking directly at, not smiling at (do not put a frown on your face) and not speaking to FEMALES FIRST. If you have to wear sun glasses (not at night IDIOTS and MORONS) to conceal you looking at her then do so.


Females have to be SOCIALLY CONDITIONED (by you) to know that IF she does not put forth some sort of INITIAL effort towards you then she will NOT RECEIVE any attention from you and will simply be IGNORED.

Class is now dismissed.

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