Friday, January 24, 2014

ASK JAI DUVAL SESSION: "Why Don't Most Black Women Mistreat Other Men Like They Do Black Men"

When speaking of PERCENTAGES of all races, colors, ethnicity of men, THE BLACK MAN is the WEAKEST when it comes to DEMANDING respect, responsibility and cooperation from BLACK women.


This DOES NOT APPLY to the very, very FEW considerate, responsible  AVAILABLE black women that DO EXIST that CANNOT BE FOUND.

UNGRATEFUL, SELFISH and INCONSIDERATE females come in ALL races, colors, ethnicity, etc. but the question was about BLACK women.


I'm sure that some or many of you black men reading this would like to KICK MY ASS for saying it WHICH PROVES NOTHING because AFTER you kick (or attempt to kick) my ass, your WEAK and SORRY ASS will go right to that BLACK woman and TAKE ALL THE SHIT she has to give you.


When it comes to INTERACTION and RELATIONSHIPS with black women, BLACK MEN (generally speaking) will ALWAYS be on the bottom BELOW other men and NEVER get to at least the SAME LEVEL of RESPECT (or FEAR) from black women UNTIL he start RESPECTING HIMSELF and STOP ALLOWING black women to be so:

- DISRESPECTFUL (he is nothing but a provider), 

- LAZY (when it comes to what she does for him), 

- INCONSIDERATE (don't give a shit what happens to him as long as she gets what she wants) and 

- IRRESPONSIBLE (does not pay her own way and expects him solve whatever FUCK UPS that she creates) 


Yes YOUR MOTHER IS BLACK but I'm sure YOU MOTHER is (or was if she is no longer living) NOT an INCONSIDERATE, TRIFLING bitch WITH YOU (as she is) so don't allow them to TRICK YOU with BULLSHIT like that.


DO NOT COMMIT ANY ACT OF VIOLENCE against ANY black women.  

If they are disrespectful, lazy, inconsiderate and irresponsible towards you then LEAVE THEIR TRIFLING ASSES ALONE because there is a RAINBOW of options available if you would ABANDON TRADITION and OPEN YOUR MIND.


Don't take my word for it.  Take your time an OBSERVE or LISTEN to these PATHETIC black men BITCH, WHINE and COMPLAIN yet remain in that same circle of WORTHLESS women time and time again.

Think about this over the weekend.

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  1. #TheWallOfSilence towards black women is the path to freedom.