Tuesday, April 22, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "THE QUEEN: Selfish, Unreasonable and Delusional So Tell Her What She Wants To Hear, Get What You Want and Then Dump Her Royal Ass"

Her expectations ARE inconsiderate and unreasonable but there are DUDES, especially MANY black dudes that WILL COMPLY hoping he gets what he want.


Unreasonable and Inconsiderate females NEED to be TREATED in a special way.

She's lying to herself by EXPECTING all of those UNEARNED and UNREASONABLE entitlements so all you are doing is AGREEING with the lies she's telling herself.


If you ALLOW a female to BEGIN with DELUSION, she will EXPECT YOU to continue down that DELUSIONAL and SELF-DESTRUCTIVE path which BENEFITS HER not you.


NO PIECE OF ASS is worth living under those conditions.  NEVER emotionally attach your emotions to a female like this and it's really best that she NOT know YOUR LAST NAME, WHO YOUR FRIENDS ARE or WHERE YOU LIVE.

SHIT deserves to be treated like SHIT because a GOOD WOMAN would NOT have those INCONSIDERATE and UNREASONABLE EXPECTATIONS of you.

Class is dismissed.

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