Wednesday, April 9, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "YOUR PEACE AND COMFORT: Is It Really Worth Giving Up Because Of Her Looks Or The Temporary Sex She Will Provide to Get What She Wants From You"

There are ONLY a FEW females that are QUITE CAPABLE of and WILL ASSIST in extending the peace, happiness and FINANCIAL comfort YOU have worked and sacrificed to obtain.

If a female DON'T maintain or increase the level of peace, happiness and FINANCIAL comfort in your life then SHE is NOT WORTH being in ANY part of YOUR LIFE be it a friend or a mate.


STOP BLAMING females AFTERWARDS for YOUR STUPID CHOICES in the beginning and MAKE WISER CHOICES in the beginning.

Don't make a FOOLISH mistake that will BENEFIT HER NOW and that YOU WILL REGRET LATER.

Class is dismissed.

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