Tuesday, April 29, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "YOU CAN BUY INTO HER LIFE: But That Does Not Guarantee They Will Accept You As THEIR Dad"

MANY single mothers MAY have a problem with this post but do you really think that I care?

To all of you dudes that think JUST BECAUSE you spent money on HER, HER CHILDREN and SHE ALLOW all of you to be TOGETHER does not guarantee that THE CHILD or CHILDREN will ACCEPT YOU as more than THEIR MOM'S FRIEND OR BOYFRIEND.  


NEVER ADOPT a woman's child or children.  Giving adult supervision and guidance DOES NOT REQUIRE you being LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE and that ONLY places you in a position to be VICTIMIZED by CHILD SUPPORT EXTORTION.

If you want to be a PARENT (that bad), I suggest that YOU ADOPT a child or children that DOES NOT KNOW and WILL NEVER KNOW who the biological father is. 

This way, IF the relationship DOES NOT LAST, you take YOUR CHILD and YOUR MONEY and LEAVE HER BEHIND.

Oh yea, IF you adopt you should NEVER let the woman adopt as well and become a LEGAL PARENT.  Just like women say YOU can love her children WITHOUT being the legal parent, she should be able to do the same.


If you think this post makes NO SENSE then proceed in the direction you choose.

Class is dismissed.

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