Monday, April 28, 2014

STOP AND THINK ABOUT IT: "Sleeping With The Enemy and Loving The Benefits"

When bringing up this post, I am sure that the DEFAULT will be, BLAME THE MAN as if women ARE FORCED to be PAY-PER-VIEW HO's as opposed to WORKING a regular job like SO MANY other women do.


This DOES APPLY to ALL Pay-Per-View Ho's REGARDLESS of color, race, etc. but this Ho that is with Donald Sterling just happens to be Black.


Now I'm sure some IDIOT or MORON will say, "Well, she is part Mexican too" to AVOID pointing the finger at a black female.  

For some UNKNOWN (to me) reason, ANYONE that points out the NEGATIVE behavior of a BLACK female is LABELED as HATING BLACK FEMALES.


-  Where are the talk shows about BLACK HO's and MARRIED MEN since I hear so much talk about how BLACK WOMEN want to be looked upon as QUEENS of high standards and CHRISTIAN MORALS?

-  How many BLACK women that you know are OUTRAGED about the DISRESPECTFUL behavior of OTHER black women that behave in this manner?

-  Where are the PROTESTS and GALVANIZING when it comes to LOUDLY SPEAKING OUT against this BEHAVIOR with ANOTHER WOMAN'S husband?


There WILL NOT BE any SMALL or LARGE scale protest AGAINST females for this type of behavior BECAUSE MOST females ENVY these Ho's position and WISH IT WERE THEM.

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