Wednesday, April 9, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "STOP FOOLISHLY BUYING THE COW: An Unwise Decision Now Will Frustrate You Later and Can Be Quite Costly to Change"

There is a REASON for NOT BUYING (i.e., marrying) CERTAIN COWS because of what can OBVIOUSLY occur later in life.  This is just ONE of MANY examples I could give. 

That BIG DIABETIC ASS that BLACK men are so attracted to or that BAD or ENTITLEMENT ATTITUDE that so many MEN TOLERATE is certainly a couple more and there are MANY others if you LOOK WITH WISDOM.


If you are going to MARRY, take a look at the LONG TERM impact because MARRIAGE can be a HAPPY and REWARDING thing IF YOU CHOOSE WISELY which MOST of you don't do.

Class is dismissed.

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