Tuesday, April 15, 2014

YOUTH TRAINING CAMP: "YOU WILL NEVER BE LIKE 50 CENT: So Go Broke or Die Trying (To Financially Support Her and Make Her Happy)"

MOST of you males DON'T REALIZE the importance of a MALE's VISUAL impressions, MENTAL programming and development as a child BY ONE OR BOTH PARENTS and how that WILL IMPACT his life as an adult.


Are YOU PREPARING YOUR SON(S) for SLAUGHTER so that eventually HE will have to RETURN home BROKEN emotionally and financially while the female simply MOVE ON to the NEXT WRONGFULLY PREPARED MAN?


"For some UNKNOWN reason to me he STRESSED OUT"


MOST FEMALES will NEVER admit to being the MAJOR CAUSE of the SELF-INFLICTED DEMISE of a dude.

Yes, HIS DUMB ASS COMPLIED with HER SELFISH and UNREASONABLE requests (or demands), but SHE did not have to place those requests or demands upon him to begin with.


You should NEVER provide for a WORKING woman that you are in a relationship with or have a personal interest in UNTIL she proves herself to be:

- FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE (pays her own way when with you), 

- have SACRIFICED some of her WANTS (not needs),

- has been CONSISTENTLY CONSIDERATE (of you) and 


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