Wednesday, April 23, 2014

REALITY CHECK: "I'M DONE: My Official Resignation"

I have come to the CONCLUSION that MANY black people WON'T CHANGE and for certain things, I need to APPLY COMMON SENSE and LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE.

There are 2 PRIMARY things that I have observed that WILL NEVER change among a LARGE number of MY people which is as follows:

1.  Will NEVER STOP using the N-WORD

2.  Will NEVER STOP referring to themselves as KINGS or QUEENS


I leave the "N-WORDS" with the N-WORDS and I leave the "Kings and Queens" with the Kings and Queens and MOVE FORWARD with everyday BLACK people that HAVE NO DESIRE to:

1)  USE the N-WORD

2)  BEHAVE in that disrespectful, embarrassing or destructive N-WORD manner

3)  BE A King or Queen of the APARTMENT (they are renting) or HOUSE (they are paying a mortgage note on).


I choose to AVOID ALL "N-WORD behaving people and those that use the N-WORD".

I choose to AVOID ALL "Wanna-Be BURGER Kings and DAIRY Queens" and leave them in their OWN SELF-ABSORBED world.

I will not accept PART-TIME "N-WORDS or Kings and Queens".  It's ONE WAY or the OTHER WAY but YOU CAN'T go both ways with me.


 I will leave the rest of you to decide which world is BEST FOR YOU.

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