Thursday, April 3, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "SMART MEN PAY: Dinner and Drinks Are On Me"

IF you are going to have some female TELL YOU to take her to dinner and you comply, NEVER ALLOW HER to TELL YOU where she wants to go.  


This DOES APPLY to ANY female that has the nerve to TELL YOU to TAKE HER to dinner and just maybe TELL YOU WHERE she wants to go.

This DOES APPLY to ANY male that have NO INTENTIONS on seeing this female again but want to do this to SIMPLY teach an INCONSIDERATE female a lesson in being CONSIDERATE.


HOW DARE ANY FEMALE tell you or expect you to BUY HER dinner and she HAS NOT EARNED that right.

The majority of females possess an ENTITLEMENT mentality and actually believe that YOU are supposed to PAY FOR THEM if you want to go out (not take) to dinner with them.

It's YOUR MONEY so YOU CONTROL WHERE you go and the AMOUNT of money you spend and NEVER attempt to IMPRESS an INCONSIDERATE female like that.


DO NOT let her know where you live.

VISIT AHEAD of time the location where you will meet her.

DO NOT pick her up but rather have her MEET YOU at the location.

DO NOT LIE to her and tell her you are going to a restaurant because all you have to say is, "Yes, I would like to buy you dinner if she requested you do".


If a female is so INCONSIDERATE (of you) to TELL YOU to take her to dinner and SHE EXPECTS you to pay, then she is NOT CONCERNED about YOU or YOUR FEELINGS and therefore YOU SHOULD HUMILIATE (not physically harm or deceive) HER.

Remember that it will be HER SELFISH and INCONSIDERATE ASSUMPTION that she is going to a restaurant so let her think so.


Females like that need to GET what THEY DESERVE and NOT WHAT THEY WANT.

Class is dismissed.

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