Wednesday, April 9, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "SHE'S SUPER WOMAN: Until She Gets With You and Then You Willingly Volunteer to Become SUCKER MAN?"

I am ALWAYS paying attention when it comes to how they ADVERTISE females and how that ADVERTISEMENT benefits or hinders a male if he were to be with her.


This DOES APPLY to EVERY WOMAN that has the ability to do so and don't apply it when she is in a relationship with a man.


Sometimes I have to take a CLOSER look at images and words because EVEN I can miss something sometimes but when I recognize I bring it to the surface.


"Why are YOU DEVALUING YOU to a point that SHE IS NOT EXPECTED to EXTEND herself to the maximum like you are doing"?


"Why do so many males WORK THEMSELVES into an EARLY GRAVE"?


"Because MALES have been SOCIALIZED to do so and the female can simply RELAX (while he is doing so) and live HAPPILY EVER AFTER (his death) and with another man if she chooses to for the REST OF HER LIFE".


I don't need to say more about this post.  Simply read THE WORDS and tell me why are you NOT having the female with you WORK JUST AS HARD and AS MUCH (as you are) to make life BETTER for the BOTH as you as SHE EXPECTS OF YOU.

Class is dismissed.

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