Sunday, April 13, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "WORK WITH ME: I Understand Your Frustration, Disappointment, Emotional Pain and Financial Loss"

I understand what MOST of you guys are going through or have gone through which is why I am here in an ATTEMPT to get you to see YOU HAVE BEEN PUNKED.

You have been made to believe that YOU have to function in that old fashioned, out-dated, non-beneficial (to you) behavior while the FEMALE BENEFITS from YOUR BEHAVIOR.




YOUR PROBLEM is not that you are DOING the wrong thing IF you are behaving in a CONSIDERATE, COOPERATIVE and RESPONSIBLE manner with a certain female.  

THE PROBLEM is that you are DOING IT for the WRONG female.  You are NOT expecting and requiring a female to PROVE, by her behavior, that she is considerate, cooperative and responsible when she is with you.  Let me clarify:

-  CONSIDERATE (of you).  She behaves in a manner that is NOT stressful or damaging to you.

-  COOPERATIVE (with you).  She behaves SENSIBLY and have no problem with COMPLYING with your request IF your request is of a SENSIBLE manner and SHE IS CAPABLE of doing it.  She ALSO will not NOT attempt to ARGUE with you or get you to DO THINGS that MAKES NO SENSE

-  RESPONSIBLE (financially for herself).  If she is WORKING, she will NOT expect you to PAY HER WAY or help her with her bills because she will behave in a MATURE manner and NOT put you in a position to have to SUPPORT a CAPABLE woman.


NEVER STOP being that considerate, cooperative and responsible person that you are IF that is what you are.  Simply NEVER START going out of your way to do that for a female UNTIL she EARNS the RIGHT to be ENTITLED TO RECEIVE that type of behavior.

Class is dismissed.

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