Thursday, April 17, 2014

SAVE YOUR SORRY ASS EXCUSES: "A Problematic, Uncooperative and Illogical Female Will Always Disrupt Your Peaceful Environment"

MOST females will ALWAYS BLAME a man or make excuses for THEIR POOR CHOICES that created their DYSFUNCTIONAL or DISAPPOINTING life.

MOST males will ALWAYS BE STUPID enough to ALLOW a problematic and illogical female to MAKE DECISIONS for him.

Let's take it from the SO-CALLED beginning and move forward to YOUR LIFE.


- ARE YOU one of those ADAM TYPES?

- WERE YOU one of those ADAM TYPES?

- Are you going to ALLOW an UNCOOPERATIVE female like EVE into YOUR comfortable environment?


I have no answer to THIS ONE for you.


If SHE (the ORIGINAL uncooperative female) DISOBEYED God's words, what makes you think HER UNCOOPERATIVE DESCENDANT is going to be COOPERATIVE with you?

The conclusion and YOUR FATE simply DEPENDS upon YOUR ANSWER.

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